Moleskine Writing Template

by Rod Graves

This template is based on a medieval page layout principle described in Robert Bringhurst’s excellent book on typography, ‘The Elements of Typographic Style’. The template is for the unlined ‘Large’/13 x 21cm size, but I will probably add one for the pocket Moleskine. You won’t be able to see the guide through the paper with the Sketchbook type – this is for the green-label/‘Plain Notebook’ type.


The Large sized notebook’s dimensions are nearly equivalent to a Golden Section rectangle (1:1.61803…). The design of the template is related to the golden section/Φ/the Fibonacci sequence. Makes a handy bookmark too!

Fig. A: construction of the guidelines

Fig. B: Line-spacing (1/2 of spine margin)

Fig. C: Example of writing with the template

using the template

  1. Download the PDFs
  2. Print each PDF on a double sided piece of card-stock (flipping laterally, not vertically)
    Alternatively, print single-sided and then glue the pages to a piece of light card stock
  3. Cut out the templates along the dotted line
  4. The spine and top margins are narrower than their opposites. Place the template behind the page you are writing on, making sure it is oriented properly
  5. Try writing with the templates and decide which one you like better
  6. The small boxes at the top left and right are there in case you number your pages
    Alternatively, you can use the small boxes at the bottom
  7. The separated bottom line or two is for footnotes
  8. If you like the template, leave it in as a bookmark

The Files

There are two large versions – one based on the method above (1/9th margin) and a very similar one with better page economy/less whitespace (1/12th margin).

» moleskine_large-A.pdf
» moleskine_large-B.pdf

By popular request, there is also a version for the smaller pocket Moleskine:

» moleskine_small.pdf

Enjoy! Please send feedback to
And yes, I realize this is a totally design-geek thing to bother with ;)